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To Create an Axis Pattern in Creo Flexible Modeling
1. Click Flexible Modeling > Flexible Pattern. The Pattern tab opens.
2. To set the pattern type, select Axis from the list.
3. To select references to define the pattern leader, click the References tab, and perform any of the following actions:
Click the Leader surfaces collector, and select surfaces. If needed, click Details to open the Surface Sets dialog box.
Click the Leader curves and datums collector, and select curves and datums.
1. Pattern leader
4. To pattern the selected rounds and chamfers that attach the patterned geometry to the model, click the References tab and check the Transform selected attachment rounds/chamfers check box. If you do not check this check box, the selected attaching rounds and chamfers are removed and optionally recreated.
5. To set an axis to define the pattern center, next to 1, click the first direction collector and then select or create a datum axis.
The system creates a default pattern, indicated by black dots, in the selected angular direction.
6. To reverse the direction of the pattern, click .
7. To set the number of pattern members in the first direction, type a value.
8. To set the space between pattern members, use one of these methods:
Type a value for the angle between pattern members in the box.
Drag the handle.
Click and type an angular extent from -360° to +360°. The pattern members space themselves evenly within the angular extent.
9. To add pattern members in the radial direction:
a. Type the number of members in the second direction in the 2 box.
b. To space members in the radial direction, type the distance between members in the text box.
c. To reverse the pattern in the radial direction, drag the handles, or enter a negative increment value.
10. To set one or more options on the Options tab:
To set a new origin for the pattern, select the Use alternate origin check box, and then click the reference collector and select a datum point, vertex, or coordinate system.
To orient pattern members around the axis, select the Follow axis rotation check box.
11. To set the attachment options, click the Attachment tab and do the following:
To attach all pattern members to the model geometry, select the Attach pattern members check box.
* When the Attach pattern members check box is not selected, the resulting geometry is a quilt. The appearance of the original solid surfaces is propagated to both sides of the resulting quilt.
To attach all pattern members to the model geometry with rounds or chamfers of the same type and dimensions as the pattern leader, select the Create rounds/chamfers check box.
12. Click .