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About Curve Patterns in Creo Flexible Modeling
A curve pattern creates instances of a feature along a sketched curve or a datum curve. While creating or editing a curve pattern, you can set the following parameters:
Distance between pattern members
Number of pattern members
Pattern member orientation to either reflect the curve tangent direction at an origin, or with the same orientation as the pattern leader.
To accurately align the pattern members along the curve, the pattern leader should be placed at the start of the curve. A direction arrow identifies the start point and direction of the curve pattern.
Internal Sketches for Curve Patterns
A curve pattern can have all closed sections or all open sections, but not a combination of closed and open sections. You can also create a curve pattern with more than one sketch curve section. To create successive sections, click Sketch > Setup > Feature Tools > Toggle Section in the Sketch window.
For open sketches, the direction of the pattern is always from the start point of the curve towards the end point of the curve.
For closed sketches, the direction of the pattern can be from either side of the selected vertex.
For single entity closed sketches, divide the sketch to select the start point.