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About Selecting in the Model Tree
You can use the Model Tree to select features or parts for editing. This is especially useful when the selected feature or part is not visible in the graphics window. You can also right-click the feature or part to open a shortcut menu, from which you can select object-specific commands relative to the selected object.
You can also select features and parts in the Model Tree even when their selection is disabled in the graphics window.
* You cannot select individual geometry (entities) in the Model Tree. The Model tree lists only features and not individual entities, as they are the components of features.
The Model Tree Insertion Locator
The Model Tree insertion locator, indicated on the Model Tree by Insert Here, indicates where features will be inserted upon creation. By default, its position is always after all items listed in the Model Tree. You may drag it higher or lower in the Model Tree to insert features between other features in the list. When you move the insertion locator, the model does not reorient irrespective of backward or forward movement of the insertion locator in the Model Tree. The graphical display of model in current view is displayed.
After it is moved, you can return the insertion locator to its default location by positioning the pointer over it and selecting Cancel on the shortcut menu or by dragging the insertion locator to the bottom of the model tree.