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Create a 2D drawing from a model
Difficulty: First-time user
Create a drawing
Click File > Open to load GPS_device.pk2.
Problems with the file: If the file you download has a .zip extension, you will not be able to load it in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling until you change the file extension to .pk2. For example, you should change Stereo.zip to Stereo.pk2.
If you receive a warning that you have too many parts, you may have other parts loaded. Don't worry about it for this project.
Start Creo Elements/Direct Annotation: click File > Modules. The Modules dialog box opens. On the Applications pane, in the Included section, click Annotation.
Create a Drawing. Click the Annotation tab on the ribbon and then, in the Setup group, click New Drawing. The Create Drawing dialog box opens.
Select an Owner for the drawing: click Owner in the Create Drawing dialog box, clear top_level_assy and double-click bottom_case in the Structure Browser, as shown in the image below.
Owner: Your new configuration or drawing is associated only with the part or assembly you select as the owner. You'll see this relationship in the Structure Browser.
Where is the Structure Browser? The image below shows the location of the Structure Browser.
Don't forget to click to complete each operation.
Define Up Dir, as shown in the image below.
Place your views in the viewport, as shown in the image below.
Right-click bottom_case in the Drawing Browser and choose Update all Views to update your drawing.
To move your views in the viewport, select the view outline and drag it, as shown in the image below.
Select the Front View and click on the Command Mini Toolbar (CMT).
Select a section of the front view as shown in the video. Zoom in to get a better view of the section and zoom out after selecting the section.
Middle-click and then place the detailed view in the viewport.
Select the detailed view and click on the CMT to see and change the properties of the detailed view.
Select the detailed view and click on the CMT to update the detailed view.
Create a dimension
Create Radius dimensions as shown in the video: select an area of the detailed view or select the arcs or circles.
Create Single dimensions: select each vertex for the dimension, drag the dimension, and place it near the view, as shown in the image below.
Want to resize your dimension text?
Right-click your dimension in the viewport, and select Dim Properties. In the Dimension Properties dialog box, select the Text Props pane and change the Abs Size. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling applies your changes immediately: no need to click OK!
Return to Creo Elements/Direct Modeling: click Applications and then, in the Base group, click Modeling.
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