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Change annotation reference attach points
You can change the position at which an annotation's reference line touches the model. This command is useful to change the point at which text and GD&T labels are attached to their references.
Note that this function does not apply to dimensions, whose references are fixed. However, you can move the dimension label itself with other commands.
To change an annotation's target reference point,
1. Click 3D Documentation and then, in the Annotate group, click the arrow next to More.
2. Click Ref Position under Modify. The Change Reference Position dialog box opens.
3. Click the annotation to change.
4. Click a new position for the target of the annotation's reference line.
5. Clear the Reset anno perpend check box to preserve the current attach angle of the reference line to the target. When this is switched on, it makes the label perpendicular to the attach face.
6. Continue clicking annotations to change their reference positions, or click to complete the operation.