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Delete annotations
You can delete annotations quickly by simply clicking Delete and then clicking the unwanted annotations on the screen. You can also use the Select tool to select specific types of annos.
When deleting coordinate and baseline dimensions, you have the option to delete the entire chain or only the individual dimension specified.
To delete an annotation,
1. Click 3D Documentation and then, in the Annotate group, click Delete. The Delete Annotation dialog box opens.
2. Click the annotation to delete.
3. Clear the Chained check box to delete only the individual dimension clicked rather than the entire chain. This is relevant when you want to delete coordinate and baseline dimensions.
4. Continue clicking annotations to delete them, or click to complete the operation.
At any time while deleting, you can click Back to undo one previous deletion.
Alternatively, select multiple 3D annotations and press Delete to delete the selected 3D annotations. You cannot delete a single 3D annotation (dimension) by pressing Delete.