Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Help includes over 3000 pages of topics! How do you find what you're looking for?
Help Center Help
Click the Home icon on the Help Center toolbar or click Help Center Help in the table of contents for help on the Help Center features.
Search like a power user
Use the Search box on the Help Center toolbar to find anything in Help
Try context-sensitive help
Anytime you see the icon, you can use it to quickly link to the help page most relevant to your work.
Conventions used in help
Bold text is used in step-by-step instructions to highlight the names of menu commands, windows, and buttons that you should click on or interact with.
Uppercase text is used for keys.
Courier text is used to highlight file and folder names, and new terminology where it is defined.
Fixed-width text is used for commands and scripts that you should type exactly as they appear.
Blue links open another help page, a Web address, or a pop-up window.
Notes, Tips, and Warnings
Caution is a warning. Pay attention to these messages because they warn you when you may lose or corrupt your data.
Note is a note with important information.
Tip is a tip with a shortcut or other useful information that will help you work faster.
Quick links
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