The work area (user interface) > Structure Browser > Change the Structure Browser display
Change the Structure Browser display
Click the Show details icon to show and hide view details, including the model name and the number of shared parts.
Drag the column headings to change their display order.
Click the column headers to sort data in ascending or descending order.
Click the Structure Tree column heading to activate the flat structure view.
In the flat structure view, click the Activate tree mode icon to return to a structure tree view.
If you work with large assemblies, use filters to display only relevant data. Click the filter menu in the Structure Browser to create, select, and activate filters.
Change what the Structure Browser displays
You can quickly expand or collapse all elements, such as assemblies, in the Structure Browser. Right-click in the browser. Click Actions > Expand All. You can also use this menu to set or clear clip flags for clipping planes, or write the parts tree as a text file.
The Show dialog controls which elements the browser displays. To open the Show dialog, right-click in the Structure Browser and click Show. The Structure Browser Show dialog box opens. For example, if you do not want to list workplanes, clear the WPs check box on the Objects tab.
Use the Settings dialog to control how elements such as parts, containers, and relations are displayed in the browser.