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Control points
In your System Settings (Click File > Settings > System. On the Model Advisor pane, under Check, set the maximum number of Control Points.) dialog box, you can set a maximum number of control points for surfaces. If you create a surface with more control points than the number you set, you'll receive a warning when you check your part:
Advisor: B-Spline surface contains more than specified maximum number of control points.
To avoid possible performance issues, you may want to recreate the surface with fewer control points. You might try to:
Set a lower part resolution. For example, you can try 1.0E-3mm, or 1.0E-4mm.
Create your surfaces independently of other parts with spline curves. Curves often have a high number of control points so they fit adjacent surfaces. The number of control points in existing curves will affect the number of control points available for the surfaces you want to create.