The work area (user interface) > Workplanes > Workplane sets > Unshare a workplane set
Unshare a workplane set
Any workplane sets shown to be shared in the Structure Browser can be unshared at any time using the Unshare function. This operation creates independent workplane sets with their own data structures.
You cannot share workplane sets directly, as you can with workplanes. However, shared workplanes may be created when you copy assemblies or sub-assemblies using the One Level option.
1. Click Structure and then, in the Workplane group, click More.
2. Click WP Set under Workplane Sets.
3. Click Unshare. The Unshare dialog box opens.
4. Select the workplane in the Structure Browser.
5. Click OK to complete the operation.
If you accidentally unshare the wrong workplane set, use Undo to cancel the operation.