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Create a workplane set
A workplane set is a group of workplanes that together help to perform operations on a part. Generally, you will use workplane sets only for freeform operations.
To create a workplane set, you first name the workplane set and then either add existing workplanes or create new workplanes directly in the set. A workplane set must have at least two workplanes.
The workplanes that you choose for your set do not need to be parallel to each other, and they can be positioned anywhere in your viewport.
Each workplane in the set still has the same characteristics of a single workplane, but it is now a member of a set.
To create a workplane set,
1. Click Structure and then, in the Workplane group, click More.
2. Click WP Set under Workplane Sets.
3. Click New. The Create WP Set dialog box opens.
4. Type a Name for the workplane set.
5. Click Model Name and type a name. Model Name is the contents file name for the element when you save 3D Data files.
6. Click Owner and select the workplane's owner.
7. Click OK to complete the operation.
To delete a workplane set, click Home and then, in the Utilities group, click Delete 3D and select the workplane set in the viewport.