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Move objects in a viewport with the toolbar
You can change camera positions without pressing the CTRL key. The following buttons move your view. Click the view button, and use the left mouse button to click in the viewport and drag to the desired view of the model. The cursor will change accordingly for each of the following buttons.
With the Pan, Rotate or Zoom buttons being pressed, selection is not possible. Terminate the explicit dynamic viewing command by clicking the OK or cancel buttons or by a click on the middle mouse button.
To rotate
Use the shortcut: Middle-click and drag the model (move the cursor) in the direction you wish to rotate.
1. Click View and then, in the Viewing group, click Rotate.
2. Click in the viewport and move the cursor to rotate the model.
Follow Mouse is the default option which rotates the model on the XY axis at the picked position. Press the SHIFT key to rotate around the Z axis.
To change the rotation point,
1. Click View and then, in the Viewing group, click Set Center, or
Right-click in the viewport and select Rotate Center on the context menu.
2. Select one of the viewing options below:
Camera Reference Point uses the camera's reference position as the center for rotation.
Viewport Center rotates the model around the center of the viewport, regardless of model placement.
Model Center calculates the center of the objects displayed in the viewport for rotation.
Selected lets the user pick any position on the model to be used as the rotation center.
The Rotate icon appears at the rotation center.
When any of the four rotation modes are selected, the icon labeled Center Mode in the Viewing group is activated. Click this icon to return to Follow Mouse mode.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling will use the last rotate center method used in the previous session, except for Selected, which is model dependent.
To zoom to a selected entity or entities,
You can select only parts (3D parts, wire parts, and surface parts or quilts), assemblies, faces, edges, workplanes, workplane sets, and 2D sketch entities (construction as well as geometry) for this operation. However, indirect selection, that is selecting machining features, user-defined features, sheet metal features, and so on, is not possible.
1. Click View and then, in the Viewing group, click More.
2. Click Zoom to Selected.
3. Select the entity either by clicking it in the viewport or double-clicking it in the Structure Browser. The selected entity is zoomed in on and brought to the center of the viewport.
Alternatively, you can first select the entity either in the Structure Browser or in the viewport, apply the selection (Structure Browser only), and then click Zoom to Selected on the Command Mini Toolbar (CMT).
You can also use Zoom to Selected in the midst of another operation, by right-clicking the viewport and then selecting Viewing > Zoom > Zoom to Selected on the context menu.
For parts and assemblies, you can select multiple entities to zoom in on, by pressing the CTRL key (Structure Browser) or the SHIFT key (viewport) and then selecting the entities. For all other supported geometry, you must select a single entity.
Assemblies that contain configurations or cabling components may not be correctly zoomed in on.
You cannot zoom in on infinite construction and geometry lines.