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Move objects in a viewport with a Spaceball
The Spaceball is a device which you can use for the dynamic viewing of a model in the active viewport. When this device is installed, you can change the view of a model while using the mouse to pick geometry and perform menu actions. For right-handed users, the standard arrangement is to move the Spaceball with the left hand and use the right hand for mouse actions.
Install the Spaceball software from the CD-ROM as described in the User's and Installation Manual, supplied with the Spaceball.
By gently applying pressure to the Spaceball with your hand you can change the orientation of your model as follows:
Translate the model in the X- and Y-axes.
Rotate the model around the X-, Y-, or Z-axes.
Zoom out from or zoom into the model.
The Spaceball is composed of the following parts:
Apply slight pressure with the hand to translate, rotate and zoom 3D models.
Selection Buttons
Eight Located at the front of the Spaceball 2003.
Two Located on both sides of the Spaceball 3003.
To use the Spaceball
Grip the spaceball lightly with your hand, and move your hand to move the model in the required direction.
Use the buttons on the sides of the Spaceball to adjust the settings using the GUI of the Spaceball driver.