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Move objects in a viewport with a SpaceMouse
The 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse is a device which you can use for the dynamic viewing of a model in the active viewport. When this device is installed, you can change the view of a model while using the mouse to pick geometry and perform menu actions. For right-handed users, the standard arrangement is to move the cap of the SpaceMouse with the left hand and use the right hand for mouse actions.
By gently applying pressure to the cap of the SpaceMouse with your hand, you can change the orientation of your model as follows:
Translate the model in the X- and Y-axes.
Rotate the model around the X-, Y-, or Z-axes.
Zoom out from or zoom into the model.
The 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse is composed of the following parts:
Apply slight pressure with the hand to translate, rotate and zoom 3D models.
Eight Function Buttons
Located at the front of the device.
Pick Button
Located in the middle of the outer row of function buttons and marked *.
To use the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse
To move the model in 3D space, hold the cap of the SpaceMouse lightly with your fingertips and move
To move the model left or right:
Move the cap slightly to the left or right respectively.
To move the model up:
Lift the cap slightly.
To move the model down:
Press gently down on the cap.
To rotate the model clockwise or anticlockwise:
Twist the cap in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
To zoom the model in or out:
Tip the cap forward or backward respectively.
Use the function buttons to adjust the SpaceMouse settings. Press and hold down the * key, then press a function button to toggle a function on or off. You will hear one beep when you switch a function off, and two beeps when you switch a function on. The buttons have the following default functions in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling:
* and 1
Translation on/off
* and 2
Rotation on/off
* and 3
Dominant axis on/off
* and 4
Not used
* and 5
Increase sensitivity
* and 6
Decrease sensitivity
* and 7
Not used
* and 8
To install the SpaceMouse
Install the SpaceMouse software from the CD-ROM as described in the User's Manual, supplied with the SpaceMouse. The SpaceMouse is connected to Creo Elements/Direct Modeling when the SpaceMouse driver is running. The SpaceMouse driver also provides a graphical user interface (GUI) which you can use to customize the functions of the SpaceMouse. See the User's Guide for information about customizing the functions of the SpaceMouse.
When using the SpaceMouse with Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, choose the following application in the GUI of the driver: Creo Elements/Direct Modeling.