Reference Topics > Move objects in a viewport with the keyboard
Move objects in a viewport with the keyboard
You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to rotate and pan your viewport. You canalso customize the key assignments and add incremental rotation that is not assigned to a key by default.
To move an object with the keyboard arrows,
Modify the view by discrete steps using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
No additional key pressed: the view is rotated by 45 degrees.
SHIFT key: rotates the view by 3 degrees.
CTRL key: pans the view by a discrete step.
To change or add key assignments,
1. Click Files > Customize. The Customize dialog box opens.
2. Click the Keyboard tab.
3. In the Group list click View.
4. Locate the Rotate VP Axis commands in the Commands list.
5. Assign the commands to any key you wish. Remember that if you assign a command to an arrow key, you will override the default assignment.
You can also set Zoom settings in this dialog. Scroll down in the Commands list until you find the Zoom commands.