The work area (user interface) > Viewports > Drawlist > Hide objects in a viewport's drawing list
Hide objects in a viewport's drawing list
The Remove option can be used to exclude objects from the drawlist. To remove objects from the drawlist:
1. Open the Structure Browser.
2. Specify the objects you want to hide in the viewport. Use one of the following ways:
Click object's icon in the drawlist and click Remove.
Click Remove and double-click the object in the drawlist.
Click Remove and click the object in the viewport.
Click Remove and enter the object's name.
To hide an entire assembly structure, click the toggle button next to the assembly's icon.
(On Windows) To hide an object, click the toggle button off next to the object's icon.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling hides the object in the viewport and turns off the toggle button.
The objects are not deleted; Creo Elements/Direct Modeling simply does not display them in the specified viewport.