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Example: Create a guided loft using multiple profiles
For multiple profiles:
Each profile should consist of a set of connected curves.
The edges should lie in a plane orthogonal to the spine.
Different profiles cannot touch one another.
The system will automatically sort and connect the edges selected for the profiles.
With multiple profiles, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling will recognize when profiles have the same number of edges and automatically match the vertices. If the number of vertices is not equal, you may want to split the profiles or use matchlines to get the desired result.
Create a surface with multiple profiles (blue)
The surface is self-intersecting (Preview is on)
Surface is corrected by using Reverse
Other options:
Use Reverse to fix a self-intersecting surface that has a profile with an orientation different from the other profile orientations. Click Reverse and click any edge of the profile to reverse that profile.
Use Split at to split the guided loft surface at each profile.