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Select a feature
Click Home and then, in the Utilities group, click Select to open the Select tool. The Select dialog box opens. Click 3D Obj. The different 3D objects which you can select are listed in the 3D Objects section of the Select tool. You can choose the level in the assembly structure to which your selection applies by toggling the Recursive option as follows:
Recursive Setting
Recursive Off (default)
Selection applies only to the features belonging to the selected parcel, that is, at the same level in the Structure Browser.
Recursive On
Selection applies to all features belonging to the selected parcel and to any of its children, that is, at the same level and below in the Structure Browser.
Features can be selected using the following methods:
All Features - Selects all features referencing all 2D elements and 3D objects.
In 3D Obj - Opens the select 3D objects menu (3D Obj), where you select workplanes, parts, assemblies, and so on. All features referencing the selected objects are selected for the features operation.
Additional selection methods for features of 3D elements
Features referencing 3D elements, such as faces and edges, can also be selected in the following ways:
By Def Feat - Selects all specified features belonging to the user-defined feature you click.
By Rec Feat - Selects all features that belong to the system recognized feature you click.
By VP Frame - Selects all features referencing 3D elements which are contained within the projection of the specified frame drawn in the viewport.
By 3D Box - Selects all features referencing 3D elements which are contained within a specified 3D box.
By Rib Feat - Selects rib-type features by their underlying convex boundaries.
By Slot Feat - Selects slot-type features by their underlying concave boundaries.
Selecting a Slot Feature (1) and a Rib Feature (2)
The image below shows the effect of cutting a feature using the By Rec Feat command (see graphic 2) and the By Slot Feat (see graphic 3). When By Rec Feat is selected, the adjacent geometry is also selected. When By Slot Feat is selected, only the discrete slot is selected.
Cutting Slot 1: By Rec Feat (2) and By Slot Feat (3)