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Focusing the catch mode
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling automatically adjusts the catch mode to the needs of the active command. But you can always change the catch mode and focus it on several levels. To open Catch options, double-click the Catch button on the Status bar.
On the first level you choose between coordinates on the current workplane, coordinates on any workplane, coordinates belonging to a part, or a mixture of the sets.
On the second level you limit the catch mode to one of the following settings:
1. All
2. Vertex
3. Intersection
4. Grid
5. Edge
6. Face
7. Current Workplane
8. Center
This is also the catch hierarchy. For example, you want to catch to coordinates on an edge behind a face; the catch mode is set to All. The cursor will catch the edge coordinates, because edges are higher in the hierarchy than faces. If you want to catch the center of a circle or arc you always have to set the catch mode to Center first.
You can set the catch mode either permanent or just for the next catch. Specific settings allow very narrow limitations of exactly those geometry elements and coordinates you are working with.
An example is the catching of vertex coordinates inside a part, as shown in the figure below. With the catch mode set to current workplane coordinates and limited to vertices, only a vertex (1 or 2) on the current workplane can be caught, even though it is hidden within the part. Any other coordinate point in the path and range of the cursor ray will be ignored.
Catching to vertices on the workplane