Create and modify 3D models > Create 2D geometry > Set 2D Edge properties
Set 2D Edge properties
You can change how 2D geometry is displayed on your workplane to make it easier for you to see. This is particularly useful when you have more than one workplane.
These settings affect new geometry and geometry you have already created.
To set the 2D edge properties on a workplane,
1. Click Modeling and then, in the Modify 2D group, click More.
2. Click 2D Edge in the Properties section.
3. Select the 2D geometry you want to change in the viewport. The 2D Edge Properties dialog box opens.
4. The Appear tab includes the following properties:
Color: The default color for 2D geometry.
Line Type: The type of lines to display for 2D geometry.
5. The Statistics tab allows you to generate a report that summarizes the 2D geometry on the current workplane.
6. Click Close when you are finished. Changes are applied as you change properties.