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Open references
Open references are references which cannot be resolved because their target object is currently not available. Reasons for missing objects could be a partial load from the database or simplification.
Displays a ( ) icon next to the owner (part or assembly) when it has open references. Without open reference handling, owners would be marked as untouchable.
Open references have a life span between a partial load and the next reload operation. In which case, the reference will be kept until the missing object appears (via reload), which then allows the reference to resolve itself. This is in contrast to current untouchable behavior where the missing reference causes the reference to be deleted after loading and marks the affected part as "untouchable".
Benefits of Open Reference Handling
Parts/assemblies will no longer become "untouchable" when losing references upon load.
Labels pop up again automatically when all referenced entities are reloaded.
Data of open references is kept and restored on reload; in other words, you won't loose the original reference data when storing an open reference.
Automatic reconnection when referenced entities appear.
Potential Risks
In the past when an owner lost a reference it would be marked as "untouchable" preventing any further operation on the part/assembly. With support for open references, you can now continue working on such a part/assembly. will maintain open references for as long as possible. However, certain modeling operations can result in destruction of the open reference.