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View part comparison results
To view and manipulate the comparison results,
1. Select Synchronize Viewports so the two parts will move together as you rotate, zoom, etc.
2. Select which geometry is compared in the Show Types section: Faces, Edges, or Vertices.
3. In the Show Matches section, select which matches you want to display:
Only Ref: Highlight the differences that exist only in the reference part.
Only Check: Highlight the differences that exist only in the check part.
DifferentGeo: Highlight differences in geometry.
AffectedGeo: Highlight geometry that matches, but is affected either by differences between the parts or differences in geometry type.
4. Expand the Report Matching Faces section to view a summary of the types of differences found.
5. Click Highlight Matching Faces and select a face, edge or vertex. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling will highlight the match on the other part. The matching may not be unique. For example, a face on one part might be split into two faces on the other part.
6. Expand Advanced Analysis and select the parts' corresponding faces for a detailed comparison of faces, edges or vertices.
You can click Change Definition at the top of the dialog to return to the previous dialog and change the comparison.
7. You may want to document the specific changes to the part. In the Keep Result section, you can check Faces, or Edges and an assembly Compare_Parts is created when you click OK. Any matching face or edge is copied and grouped into parts with regard to the Show Types and the owner of the faces or edges (Reference and Check part). Faces is selected by default.
No part is created if no face or edge exists for certain Show Types.
8. If you do not want to keep your results, uncheck both boxes and click OK.