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Copying parts and assemblies
The Copy command in the Part & Assembly group (Structure tab) enable you to make exact copies of existing assemblies or parts. The copied part or assembly is a duplicate of the original item in all respects. If you make a modification to either the source or the duplicate, your changes will not be reflected in the other part.
It is recommended to share parts rather than copy them whenever possible, especially when your model includes more than one identical instance of a part. This way, you need only change a part once for the changes to be automatically updated in all shared instances of that part. If you copy a part, and later need to make a modification, you must make that change to every instance of the part.
If you do copy an assembly, in the Create Copy dialog box (click Structure > Copy), use the One Level option whenever possible so that only the data structure at the selected level is copied and all child parts and assemblies below that level are shared. If you don't use this option, a deep copy is made of the selected assembly in which Creo Elements/Direct Modeling copies the entire tree of child parts and assemblies.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling allows you to create a sequence of copies by specifying either a linear, radial, or user-defined offset. If you do not specify an offset the copy will exactly overlap the original.