Reference Topics > Copy or share a part or assembly about an axis
Copy or share a part or assembly about an axis
1. Click Structure and then, in the Part & Assembly group, click More.
2. Click Radial in the Create Multiple section. The Create Radial dialog box opens.
3. Select Copy or Share.
4. Click Source, then double-click the part or assembly in the Structure Browser.
In an assembly containing lightweight parts:
You can share but not copy a lightweight part.
You can copy the assembly as long as you share all lightweight parts in the assembly; for example, in a one-level copy (all children elements will be shared).
An error message appears if you try to create a deep copy of an assembly (all components are copied), which has a lightweight part.
5. Type a Basename. Each part or assembly name is automatically generated by adding the endings .1, .2, .3, and so on to the base name.
6. Optional: Type the name of a parent assembly in Owner if you want this element created as part of an existing assembly.
7. Click One Level if you want to share the children of the source part or assembly instead of making individual copies.
This option is available only in the Copy command.
8. Click Keep Attr if you want to keep the original attributes in the shared parts or assemblies.
This option is available only in the Share command.
9. Type a Number of shares to create.
10. Click Axis, then use the Axis 3D tool to set the rotation axis.
11. Type an offset Angle.
12. Click to complete the operation.