Organize parts and assemblies > Change an element name
Change an element name
You can change the instance name or model name of any parts and assemblies in the active viewport. Both are displayed in the Save 3D Data option box; the name in the Instance File Name column, and the model name in the Contents File Name column. In addition, the name and model name are also displayed in the Structure Browser.
You will not be able to reload an assembly file if you rename any of its parts, containers, or subassemblies.
1. Click Structure and then, in the Part & Assembly group, click More.
2. Click Rename in the Modify section. The Change Names dialog box opens.
3. Select a part or assembly to change:
Double-click the part or assembly in the Structure Browser or
Click a part in the viewport or
Type a part or assembly name.
4. Type a new Name.
5. Type a new ModelName, if desired.
6. Click Next to rename another part or assembly and start again at step 3.
7. Click to complete the operation.