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Taper with Adjust Blends
When tapering a part, all suppressed blends are checked to validate that they fit into the modified model if the adjust blend is selected in the Taper dialog box (Click Modeling and then, in the Engineering group, click Taper). If the check fails, a new radius is calculated for that part.
The radius estimation checks against existing edges in the model. An estimate is exact only if the straight edge of the same face is parallel to the blended edge (that is, matching edges of the model). If this is not the case, the radius estimation retains a certain distance to the existing edges. Adjusted blends are marked by a label.
Taper rules for adjusted blends
When adjusting a blend in a taper, the following rules apply:
Variable 2 radius blends are adjusted to constant radius blends when the new estimated radius is smaller than start and end radius.
Redo blend may fail when estimates are bad or the new radius cannot be inserted.
Exact edge matches only for symmetric situations with cylinder and plane geometry.
Simultaneously created blend boundaries edges are not considered.
Only the non-fitting blends are adjusted. Other blends (non-caused) are not changed.
Edges are individually checked; therefore, opposing blends can interfere (that is, intersecting blends are not adjusted).
Adjusted blends are not available for Advanced Taper.