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Subtract parts
You can remove one or more tool parts from one or more target parts, the blanks.
The tool part and the blank can be either solid parts or face parts. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling may change a solid part into a face part or produce a solid part from face parts.
The default option is to keep the tool parts). You have to reposition the tool part(s) to see the result.
In the following example, part 1 is the tool part and part 2 is the blank. The resulting part is the subtraction of the two parts; it keeps the name of the blank (part 2).
Do not remove identical parts which have identical positions from each other as the result cannot be predicted. Use the Delete 3D function to delete parts.
To subtract parts,
1. Click Modeling and then, in the Model group, click the arrow next to Boolean.
2. Click Subtract. The Subtract dialog box opens.
3. Select from the following options:
Blanks: Specifies the name for the part (or list of parts) to be modified in the operation. The default is the active part. You can also use the browser (Browser) to specify it.
Tools: Specifies the tool part (or list of tool parts) to use. You can also use the browser (Browser) to specify them.
Keep Tool: Specifies whether or not to keep the original tool parts after the subtract operation. Keep Tool is ON by default.
4. Click to complete the operation.