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Geometric resolutions
When working with geometric resolutions and machining, there are two types of "parts" to distinguish.
1. "blank" parts are new parts, and
2. "tool" parts are either existing parts or workplanes.
The machining commands can handle these parts with different geometric resolutions, but you will not always be prompted with any changes. Please note that parts cannot be changed from a coarser resolution to a finer resolution. The resulting resolution will be the lowest, or coarsest, resolution of the parts/workplanes involved.
If the blank part has a finer resolution, then you will be prompted with the issue and must confirm the change of the new part's resolution.
If the resolution of the blank part is coarser, and it does not need the resolution change, then the resolution of the tool will change automatically (you will not be informed of this change). The resolution change for the tool is only performed for the operation; after the operation, the tools' resolutions will be the same as before.
For example, two uniting parts have conflicting resolutions, where p1 is the blank part with a resolution of 10E-6 and p2 is the part and is 10E-2. Since p1 is the blank part with a finer resolution, then you will be prompted with this issue and must confirm the change. The resulting resolution between the two parts will be changed to 10E-2.
Parts with Different Geometric Resolutions
Two types of error messages may pop up when geometric resolution changes are present.
1. If the blank part is set to a coarser resolution, an error message may display that the part will be corrupted.
2. If the resolution change of the tool fails, a message will display that the parts need to be checked.
If either happens, the system will finish the command and give a warning message that the part may be corrupt and the parts involved need to be checked. Check the part to verify if it is corrupt. To check the part, click Analysis and then, in the Verify group, click Check Part.
Warning Changing a part's resolution is irreversible. You can go from a high resolution (10E-6) to a low resolution (10E-2) but you cannot go from a low resolution to a high resolution.