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Dragging methods
Dynamic dragging of elements is possible whenever the Pos Dynamic button is available. Several dragging methods can be adopted depending on the current action and personal preferences:
First the 3D-CoPilot is clicked with the left mouse while the fly-by indicates that the cursor is over the element. Then choose whether or not to keep the left button pressed while dragging.
When the mouse has moved significantly from the start position, the system can determine whether you intend to drag-and-release or drag-and-click to the end of the drag operation.
Drag and release is often quicker for simple movements, as it requires less mouse clicks.
Drag and click is a more relaxed as it allows hands free dragging, and the drag can be left active while the view is reorientated or zoomed out to allow a larger dragging zone.
Notice that the prompt line and the data input field shows the actual dragged values.
During drag-and-release operations, you can enter the exact value and then press ENTER to terminate the dragging action.