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Example: Pulling to a part (remove material)
In this example you will pull a profile on part 2 (remove material) to target part 1 from the active workplane (w1), without keeping the workplane for the next operation. Shown below are part 1, part 2, w1, and the resulting pulled part 2.
After creating part 1, part 2, the workplane, and profile:
1. Click Modeling and then, in the Model group, click the arrow next to Pull.
2. Click Pull Linear. The Pull dialog box opens. Part is set to part2 (the active part) and the workplane is set to w1 (the active workplane).
With Operation set to AutomaticCreo Elements/Direct Modeling suggests Remove Material in the viewport. You do not have to change the option to Remove Material in the Pull dialog box.
3. In the Type box, select To Part and click the target part p1 in the viewport.
4. Clear Keep WP. Keep Prof is automatically disabled.
5. Click to complete the operation. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling pulls the profile (remove material) to the point at which part1 meets part2.