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Example: Pulling a profile about an edge (add material)
In this example you will pull the profile about an axis (add material), using edge 1 on the existing part. Shown below are the workplane and profile, the existing part, and the resulting part (part2).
After creating the workplane and profile:
1. Click Modeling and then, in the Model group, click the arrow next to Pull.
2. Click Pull Angular. The Pull dialog box opens.
3. Type /p2 in the Part box.
4. Click Axis and click edge 1 in the viewport to specify the axis of rotation using the Axis 3D CoPilot. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling provides visual feedback showing the edge's direction and the direction of rotation. You can also specify the angle of rotation.
5. Click to complete the operation. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling pulls the profile about the edge to create the part.