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Example: Imprinting a line
In this example you will imprint two edges on a non-planar face to separate a rib from a top face. Shown below are the whole face 1, and the two edges, 2 and 3, that you define by specifying the points a and b for each. For both edges, the Z axis will be specified as the additional direction to define the imprint plane. The result (on the right) is two independent faces.
After creating the ribbed plastic housing part:
1. Click Modeling and then, in the Model group, click the arrow next to Imprint.
2. Click Line. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling prompts you for the face to imprint onto.
3. Click face 1, as shown above.
4. Click points a and b to define line 2 on the face.
5. Click Z in the Direction 3D tool. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling imprints the edge on the face.
6. Click Line again, and repeat the above to define line 3.
You can now perform face operations (such as Lift) upon either of the two independent faces.