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Example: Imprinting a profile
In this example you will imprint a profile to part 1 from the active workplane (w1) without keeping the workplane for the next operation. Shown below are part 1, w1, and the result of imprinting the profile onto part 1.
After creating the workplane and profile:
1. Click Modeling and then, in the Model group, click the arrow next to Imprint.
2. Click Linear. The Linear dialog box opens. Part is set to /p1 (the active part) and the workplane is set to /w1 (the active workplane). You do not need to change the workplane or the part.
3. Click To Part. /p1 is specified as the part to imprint.
4. Select a direction in the cascade menu so that the feedback arrow for the imprint operation points toward the part to be imprinted.
5. Click Keep WP off.
6. Click to complete the operation. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling imprints the profile onto first face of part 1 met by the projection of the profile.