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Filter a table column
You can control the data displayed in a table by applying filters over the columns.
To filter a table column,
1. In the table, right-click the heading of the column you want to filter.
The Column Filter dialog box appears.
2. Set filters as required.
The table displays the filtered list of text or values.
To clear filters, follow the instructions above, but click Reset or Reset all filters of table in the Column Filter dialog.
Using column filters
You can use column filters to reduce the contents of a selection table to a useful subset. Right-click the column header. The Column Filter dialog box appears. (You can also click the column header to sort the table over the column data. Clicking the column header again reverses the sort order.)
In the Column Filter box, the following operators are available for selection:
= equal
< less
<= not greater
> greater
>= not less
< > not equal
If you want to define a boundary item, enter an alphanumeric string. This string is interpreted in lexical order as follows:
Z < abc < a < z
Wildcards are not permitted in boundary item strings.