Getting started > Using the input line
Using the input line
1. Click the screen pointer in the user input line.
2. Type data. The data you type starts at the insertion point.
3. To accept the data press ENTER.
This does not complete the operation. To complete the operation click OK.
To enter coordinates in the user input line, use the syntax U,V with each coordinate of a pair separated by a comma. To specify coordinates of several points at the same time, separate each pair with a space, for example: U1,V1 U2,V2 U3,V3
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling fully evaluates the data:
For numbers, (/ 30 10) returns a value of 3 (30 divided by 10). The variable a (where a is 20) results in 20. To set the variable, enter (setf a 20).
For text, the variable a where a is "p1" results in "p1". Entering command names starts the commands - for example, entering LINE starts the line command. If you want Creo Elements/Direct Modeling to use the name (string) rather than evaluate it (for example, the word LINE rather than starting the command LINE), you must enter the name in quotes "" (for example, "LINE").
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling evaluates and checks the data. When you want to enter a name (string) in the user input line, you must use double quotes "".