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Show custom process features
You can use the Show Features menu to display or hide custom process features.
Switching on or off of 3D labels in the viewport Show menu is a global switch which overrides the Custom Process show functionality. The switching on or off of 2D labels in the viewport Show menu does not affect the custom process labels.
1. Click Feature and then, in the Custom Feature group, click More.
2. Click Show in the Tools section. The Show Features dialog box opens.
3. Specify which custom process features to display using one of the following methods:
Part/Assy (default) - Identify features by specifying the parts and assemblies to which they are attached. All features attached to the selected parts or assemblies are listed for display.
Selection - Select individual features belonging to any combination of parts or assemblies.
All - Include all available custom process features in the feature list.
4. Specify the categories to which the features must belong before specifying the show or hide options:
Category - Select the categories of the selected features to include in the report by clicking them in the Custom Process browser. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling opens the browser in such a way as to display only feature categories. To select multiple categories hold down [Ctrl] while clicking the cursor.
By Type - Select the type of feature. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling displays a browser showing the types or groups of features. Select the type and click Apply. You can also enter the feature-name string in the data entry field.
Ref Feat - Select a reference feature. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling selects all features which are the same type as the supplied reference feature. This may include features from multiple categories.
All (default) - Select all available categories for inclusion in the report.
5. Specify the operation to perform on the selected features. You can choose either:
Show - Display the labels of the selected features.
Hide (default) - Do not display the labels of the selected features.
6. Click to show or hide the selected features according to your specifications.