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Review custom process features in the browser
The Custom Process browser opens automatically when you choose to attach custom process information (Click Feature and then, in the Custom Feature group, click Other). As with other browsers in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, this one provides a hierarchical tree structure listing all custom process features that you can attach to the model. You can use the browser to:
View available custom process features by Category.
Manipulate custom process features.
Attach custom process features to a part or assembly.
Select custom process features for further processing.
Custom process features are grouped by functional categories in the Custom Process browser. To limit the display of available custom process features, you can select the category of interest, right-click on the category in the browser and select the Set as Tree Root option from the context menu.
When you attach a custom process feature to a model, it is also listed in the Structure Browser below the part to which it is attached.
It is not possible to drag-and-drop features in the Custom Process browser.
While it is possible to make modifications in the FEAT-groups category (when using Creo Elements/Direct Part Library), it is neither advisable nor supported to do so.
If defined for a custom process feature, pixmap icons may also be displayed in the browser.