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Report custom process features
Should you require a report to document all custom process features attached to a model, you can define and generate one using the Report Features dialog. You can create a report for any number of parts, assemblies, workplanes, WP sets, or for a selected group of features.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling generates the report in HTML format and displays it automatically in your default web browser.
If the reported information is longer than one screen of the browser, scroll bars are displayed so that you can scroll through the entire report. If the specifications of a custom process are changed outside the permitted range in its definition file, the invalid feature is displayed in red in the report.
The report can be tailored to document only certain features using the Filter Methods (in the Report Features) by selecting one of the following:
By Category
By Type
Ref. Feat. (reference feature)
Coordinate systems can for instance be used as a reference for machining adapters in the Creo Elements/Direct Machining module. When generating a report, you can enter an existing coordinate system. Positions and directions are then calculated with respect to the specified coordinate system and documented accordingly.
To generate a report of custom process features:
1. Click Feature and then, in the Custom Feature group, click More.
2. Click Report in the Tools section. The Report Features dialog box opens. (You can also activate the Mold Design module and use the Report command on the Mold Feature tab, in the Display group.)
To open the Report Features dialog box, you can select a feature in the viewport, right-click, and choose Generate Custom Feature Report from the context menu.
3. Select the feature to be used from one of the following methods:
Part/Assy (default) - Identify features by specifying the parts and assemblies to which they are attached. All features attached to the selected parts or assemblies are available for inclusion in the report.
Selection - Select individual features belonging to any combination of parts or assemblies. You can also use the Structure browser to select features.
All - Include all available custom process features in the feature list.
4. Click Filter Methods to expand the dialog. Specify the categories to included in the report:
By Category - Select the categories of the selected features to include in the report by clicking them in the Custom Process browser. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling opens the browser in such a way as to display only feature categories. To select multiple categories hold down [Ctrl] while clicking the cursor.
By Type - Select the type of feature. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling displays a browser showing the types or groups of features. Select the type and click Apply. You can also enter the feature-name string in the data entry field.
Ref Feat - Select a reference feature. Creo Elements/Direct Modeling selects all features which are the same type as the supplied reference feature. This may include features from multiple categories.
All (default) - Select all available categories for inclusion in the report.
5. Select the reference coordinate system to be used in the calculation and in the custom report.
6. Click to view the report.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling generates the report as an HTML document and displays it automatically in your HTML browser.