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Rename a custom process feature
Use this function to change the name of a custom process feature. The name is used to identify individual features in the Structure Browser. To rename a feature, you can either use the Rename function in the Custom Process menu, or use the standard Rename function in the Structure Browser.
To rename a custom process feature using the Custom Process menu,
1. Click Feature and then, in the Custom Feature group, click More.
2. Click Rename in the Modify section.
3. Select the custom process feature to be renamed using one of the following methods:
Click the feature or its label.
Use the Structure Browser to select the feature. (Make sure that the Feat's option is switched on in the browser.)
4. Enter the new name in the user input line, for example: "new_name"
To rename a custom process feature in the Structure Browser,
1. Open the Structure Browser.
2. Open the tree structure in the browser to display the feature to be renamed.
Features attached to a part are displayed below the part itself in the tree structure.
3. Position the cursor over the feature, and then click the feature name twice slowly, leaving a moment between clicks.
4. The name is displayed in an edit field.
5. Enter the new name of the selected feature into the field.