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Create a custom process feature
Use the Custom Feature group on the Feature tab to attach a new custom process feature to a part or assembly. To add a feature to a model in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, you must satisfy the requirements of its definition file. When creating a custom process feature, the command provides feedback as to the validity of your actions.
To attach a custom process feature to a part or assembly,
1. Click Feature and then, in the Custom Feature group, click Other. The Custom Process browser opens.
2. Select the desired feature in the browser, then click Apply.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling opens a menu which is tailored specifically to the selected custom process feature.
3. Select the target element(s) to which to attach the feature using one of the following methods:
For a single element, click the element directly.
For multiple elements, use the Select tool.
The types of element which can be selected for a feature are usually fixed for each feature. In general, a feature may contain any number of 3D elements or a 3D object (workplane, WP set, and so on). A feature must not include elements from multiple parts in different assemblies, or from multiple assemblies.
4. Set any of the options in the available fields as required.
5. Click to attach the custom process feature to the selected element(s).
Custom process feature labels are color-coded according to whether they are attached to a single part or an assembly. Labels are cyan for part-owned features and magenta for assembly-owned features.