Adjust system settings > Save your environment settings
Save your environment settings
As you work with Creo Elements/Direct Modeling you will change the environment to suit the way you work. For example, you might change the units, the color of 2D geometry, the workplane and part appearance settings, and so on. To keep these settings for future use, you can save and load the settings of your customized environment.
An environment file is used to store all of the active environment's settings, including part color, face color, workplane border color, and so on.
When you load an environment file, Creo Elements/Direct Modeling loads all of its settings. The current settings are overwritten by those in the environment file.
To load and save environment files,
1. Click File > Open. The Load dialog box opens.
2. Select Environments (*.env) in the File Type list.
3. Locate the environment file in your file system.
4. Click Load.