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Renaming color palettes
You can change the name of the active palette. Note that the name of the palette file is also changed when the palette name is changed. Only user-defined palettes can be renamed.
To change the name of the active palette:
1. In a Properties dialog box such as Edge Properties or 2D Edge Properties, in the Color list, click More Colors. The Color Selector dialog box opens.
2. Click Options ... in the Color Selector. The Options dialog box opens.
3. Click Rename (under Palette at the top) in the Options menu. The Rename Palette box opens.
4. Enter a new name for the palette (or edit the old one) in the Rename Palette box.
5. Press ENTER or click Apply.
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling informs you that the old palette file has been deleted, and a new one has been saved with the new palette name.