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Setting colors
Creo Elements/Direct Modeling enables you to use your preferred color set for the following items:
Different colors are helpful for displaying a complex assembly on your screen. If you assign different colors to the different parts, you and others are able to differentiate them better and get a much better impression of the design.
The same is true for workplanes. You could, for example, have your active workplane frame be green, workplane 1 if not active blue, workplane 2 pink, and so on. During a complex design phase, this can help you remember which workplane is located where.
Assign two different appearances to a workplane, either as a frame or as a full-colored plane.
Choose your own colors for geometry lines, construction lines, and the line or dot grid.
To set default colors for different elements, click File > Settings > Color. the Default Settings browser (table) opens with the Color Schemes.