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Creating colors
You can add the Result: color to the active palette at any time. This is especially useful after you have modified a color in the Color Editor and want to retain it for future sessions.
When you add a color to a non-user-defined palette, a new user-defined palette is automatically created with the same palette name. The user-defined palette overrides the system palette upon the next start-up of Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, unless you rename the new palette.
To create a new color:
1. In a Properties dialog box such as Edge Properties or 2D Edge Properties, in the Color list, click More Colors. The Color Selector dialog box opens.
2. Click Options ... in the Color Selector. The Options dialog box opens.
3. Click New (under Color) in the Options menu. The Palette Name box opens.
4. Enter a name for the color in the Color Name box.
5. Press ENTER or click Apply.
The Result: color is added, with the given name, to the Colors list of the active palette.