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Edit Camera
Edit Camera is an efficient tool you can use to record views of your model. It allows you to manage a collection of individual "camera" views. You can store, recall, name, and sort the views to assemble a "slide show" of your model.
To open the tool, click View and then, in the Viewing group, click Edit Camera. The Edit Camera dialog box opens. When you first use Edit Camera, the Camera list is empty and the active Viewport is selected as the default camera viewport. When you have positioned a view that you want to keep, click Store current View to add it to the list.
The tool's functions and options work as follows:
Viewport specifies the viewport from which the camera views are taken and where the active stored views are shown. The active viewport is the default selection when you open the tool.
The Camera list shows the list of names of stored views, with the active view highlighted. Simply click a view to highlight it and see it in the selected Viewport.
Smooth Update specifies whether the change between views is effected as a smooth transition or as an instant cut.
Move Up / Move Down changes the order of the selected view in the Camera list.
Delete removes the selected view from the Camera list.
Name shows the name of the selected view, which you can edit in the input line. When you store new views, they are given default names (Camera 0, Camera 1,...), but you can change these.
Store current View adds the current view to the Camera list, giving it a default name at the same time. (Note that views are not stored to file; they are only kept for the current Creo Elements/Direct Modeling session.)
To move between views, right-click in the Viewport and click Previous Camera or Next Camera.