Organize parts and assemblies > Move objects with a configuration > Capture a camera or drawlist in a configuration
Capture a camera or drawlist in a configuration
You can save the camera view or drawlist with a configuration, so the model moves to a specific perspective and only the necessary parts are displayed whenever you activate a configuration.
To store a camera or drawlist in a configuration,
1. If the configuration is not active, double-click it in the Structure Browser to make it active.
2. Right-click the configuration in the Structure Browser.
3. Click one of the following:
Capture Camera: Stores the current perspective and zoom level with the configuration. Whenever you activate the configuration, the model is moved to this perspective and zoom level.
Capture Drawlist: Stores the visibility for parts and assemblies in the configuration. Display or hide an object by clicking the check mark next to its name in the Structure Browser.
Capture Camera + Drawlist: Stores both the camera view and the drawlist with the configuration.
Apply Camera: Moves the perspective and zoom level back to the last camera captured in the configuration.