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Move a 3D curve
Like other parts, you can move 3D curves anywhere in the viewport. This command has the same options and behavior as most other positioning commands.
Select the Keep Elem option to use this command to make a copy of a 3D curve. The original curve will remain in its current position.
To move a 3D curve,
1. Click 3D Geometry and then, in the 3D Curve group, click More next to Wire Editor.
2. Click Position Curves in the Modify section. The Position dialog box opens.
3. Click the spline curve to modify.
4. Click Edges and select one or more curves in the viewport or structure browser.
5. Select Keep Elem if you want to keep the original and make a copy that will be moved.
6. Use the 3D CoPilot (shown in the illustration above) to move the curve, or select a different positioning method. The options are the same as Position a part, assembly, or workplane set. If you choose to use Mate Align, see Mate or align parts and assemblies for instructions. 3D curves are treated like edges.
7. Click to complete the operation.