Create and modify 3D models > Create 2D geometry > Draw a polygon
Draw a polygon
You can quickly draw polygons by specifying the number of edges and using the 2D CoPilot in the viewport. The 2D CoPilot provides a visual feedback when you draw a polygon.
To draw a polygon,
1. Click Modeling and then, in the Draw group, click the arrow next to Palette.
2. Click Polygon > N Sided Polygon. The Polygon dialog box opens.
You can directly draw most frequently used polygons. To draw frequently used polygons, click one of the following:
3 Sided Triangle
4 Sided Square
5 Sided Pentagon
6 Sided Hexagon
8 Sided Octagon
3. In the No of Edges box, type the number of sides of the polygon and press ENTER.
4. Click anywhere in the viewport to specify the center of the polygon and move the cursor to view the visual feedback. The visual feedback shows a preview of the polygon and measurements such as internal radius, external radius, and side of the polygon.
To draw polygons, you must have an active workplane in the viewport.
5. Click a point in the viewport to complete the polygon.
Alternatively, press TAB, type a value for internal radius, side length, or external radius, and press ENTER.
You can use the Line Between 2 Points command (on-the-fly) to create a temporary line and then use the midpoint of this line as a reference to create polygons.
To create a temporary reference line between two points:
a. Press M, or right-click in the viewport and choose Line Between 2 Points on the context menu.
Alternatively, press SPACEBAR or the assigned key and click on the OMT.
b. Select any two points on the viewport. For example, you can select two opposite vertices of a rectangle. See Example: Drawing a rectangle using a line between two points as a reference.
6. Click to complete the operation.
After creating a polygon, you can drag the handles to move, re-size, and rotate the polygon.
For example, to rotate the polygon, you can drag the rotation handle. Alternatively, press TAB, type a value for the rotation angle, and press ENTER.