Create and modify 3D models > Create 2D geometry > Create a 2D pattern
Create a 2D pattern
You can create a pattern of profiles using the Pattern command in the Modify 2D menu. You do this by first creating a source profile and then specifying the pattern array and pattern repeat factors.
1. Create the 2D geometry that you want repeated in your pattern.
2. Click Modeling and then, in the Modify 2D group, click More.
3. Click Pattern in the Transform section. The Pattern dialog box opens.
4. Select the source element(s) for the pattern.
5. Select Keep Elem if you want to keep the source element(s).
6. Select a Type. Click on a type below for a description of the options available for each pattern.
7. Click OK to complete the operation.
1. Click Horizontal and type the horizontal offset.
2. Click Vertical and type the vertical offset.
3. Click Repeat U and type the repeat factor in the U-direction.
4. Click Repeat V and type the repeat factor in the V-direction.
5. To create a pattern in a diagonal direction, click Diagonal and specify two points. The horizontal and vertical coordinates are automatically filled.
1. Click Direction 1 and type coordinates for the first direction (for example, 10 10).
2. Click Direction 2 and type coordinates for the second direction (for example, -10 20).
3. Click Repeat 1 and type the repeat factor in the first direction.
4. Click Repeat 2 and type the repeat factor in the second direction.
1. Click Radial Dir. and type two values for a 2D vector in one of the following formats:
Two points: x0,y0 x1,y1 (Start Position + End Position)
Two length values: dx dy (Horizontal Offset + Vertical Offset)
2. Click Angle and type the angular displacement of each profile.
3. Click Num Radial and type a value for the number of times the offset is to be repeated. The value must be greater than or equal to one.
4. Click Num Angular and type the repeat factor of the pattern.
1. Click Ref Point and click a point on the profile to define a reference point. A copy of the profile is now attached to the cursor.
2. Click a destination point for the profile in the workplane.
3. Continue clicking on destination points until your pattern is complete.