Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Modify views > Change the contents of views > Modify section views > Modify section lines
Modify section lines
A section line can be moved or rotated on its parent view to change the contents of the corresponding section view. You can also reverse the direction of the section line to flip the section view, or take the direction at the other end of the section line when it is composed of more than one segment. You can also edit the individual segments of the section line. The changes to the section view are seen after you have updated it.
When a section view contains dependent views such as: detail views, cutaways, or partial views, the corresponding section line can only be moved. The corresponding section line can no longer be reversed, rotated, or swapped.
To modify section lines, or segments of section lines,
1. Click Annotation and then, in the Setup group, click More.
2. Click Section Line in the View section. The Mod Section Line dialog box opens.
3. Click the section line to modify.
4. Check Preserve View Center to maintain the geometric elements at the same position.
5. To change the entire section line, click one of the modification commands:
Under Modify Ensemble,
To move a section line, click Move, click one of the options and follow the instructions in the Prompt bar.
To rotate a section line, click Rotate all and specify an angle of rotation.
Under Modify Arrow Direction,
To flip the direction of the section line (reverse the arrow direction), click Reverse Dir.
To swap the direction of the section line between its first and last segments, click Swap Dir. (This button is inactive if the section line consists of only one segment or if it corresponds to an aligned section view.)
6. To edit the segments of a section line, click Edit under Modify Segments and select options:
The Auxiliary Lines switch displays temporary construction lines through the circles in the selected parent view.
In the Create Segments section, click one of the available options and follow the instructions in the Prompt bar to complete the line.
When the Polygon switch is activated, you can draw a continuous chain of line segments. Graphical feedback of the polygonal line remains attached to the cursor until you click or another option. When Polygon is switched off, Creo Elements/Direct Annotation accepts one line segment at a time.
Under Modify Segments, click one of the available options and follow the instructions in the Prompt bar to complete the modification.
Under Remove Segments, click Remove to delete an unwanted line segment.
Right-click and select Apply to complete the edit.
7. Click in the Mod Section Line menu to complete the operation.
You must update the section view to see your changes.